NECT on the rise

220,000 new users per month, 2 million app downloads in the last 12 months and access for more than 60 million people in Germany: Nect is working its way to the top of the market with its fully automated online identification solution and is establishing its unique Robo-Ident technology on a national level.

Nect GmbH, the Hamburg-based IT company for AI-based trust services, is on the rise: In times when digitalization is playing a greater role than ever before, Nect is recording astonishing growth and is positioning itself for market leadership in the field of fully automated remote identification. In the third quarter of 2020, the Nect app recorded the highest number of downloads, overtaking the app downloads of the leading video identity providers.

In the second corona wedding, the flexibly scalable and fastest to implement technology is once again gaining special significance for companies, authorities and users: the corona pandemic surprised everyone - both privately and professionally. Many companies and solo self-employed persons had and still have to struggle with slumps in sales. The consequence: layoffs, short-time work and unemployment. Government support is more important than ever in these times to maintain livelihoods. Already at the beginning of the first corona wave, the Selfie-Ident of Nect has proven to be the best solution for a user-friendly and secure legitimation. Examples are the cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and the Hamburg Investment and Promotion Bank (IFB).

Up to 3,500 identifications per hour for the Federal Employment Agency

The Federal Employment Agency had to deal with an above-average number of new registrations as a result of the numerous terminations. At the same time, the personal official channels were to be reduced as much as possible to contain Covid-19. A digital solution to identify applicants was therefore the goal. This not only had to be quickly implemented and meet the highest security standards to prevent fraud attempts, which can occur more frequently in such crises, but also be able to map an enormously high number of identifications. Markus Schmitz, CIO of the German Federal Employment Agency, explained why the decision was made in favor of Nect and not, for example, the electronic function of the German ID card in an interview with the Tagesspiegel Background: "The E-Perso has hardly any users and is very cumbersome to use. For the Coronakrise we needed a solution that works quickly and intuitively". (Source) Since customers also rate the procedure as very good, the cooperation was extended until December 31, 2020 for the time being.

"Overnight" implementation at IFB Hamburg

At the beginning of the crisis IFB Hamburg also decided to use the Selfie-Ident of Nect GmbH to legitimize applicants. The emergency aid for solo self-employed persons had to be implemented as quickly as possible, so the technology was implemented within one day. The quick action and immediate implementation could prevent abuse and save tax money.

The Lockdown light, which came into force on November 2, 2020, is another black chapter in the corona pandemic. Already during the first corona wave, Nect GmbH proved that it is a reliable partner in uncertain times. Regulated companies and public authorities can rely on the Selfie-Ident of Nect to offer their customers a digital alternative to on-site service. The Robo-Ident technology used for this can be adapted to any need and easily keeps up with the speed of change.

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