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  • HealthCaters reinvents preventive care delivery and empowers employees to take control of their health in the comfort of their workspace or at home.
  • HealthCaters offers a health engagement platform that creates transparency by giving users direct access to their own health data and actively supports them in managing and improving their health.
  • Tatyana Eliseeva and Lilia Kruse are the two founders behind HealthCaters, both with relevant industry experience and connections, as well as a complementary skill set in the fields of business and medicine.

Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures (DvH Ventures) invests a seven-digit amount in the Berlin-based startup HealthCaters ( as part of a pre-seed round. HealthCaters is the second investment from the recently launched €60 million Digital Health Fund. The company develops and operates a corporate health platform that enables employees to take their health into their own hands. The solution consists of a smart device infrastructure for in-office or at-home use. This is coupled with a health management app that enables users to track and understand their vital signs and reduce their health risks through a personalized and data-driven approach.

The prevalence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular events is widespread in Germany. According to a report by Frankfurt's Goethe University, nearly one in two Germans is chronically ill, with the likelihood of developing chronic disease increasing with age. In 2018, 91% of all deaths in Germany were due to chronic diseases. In addition to the massive costs to the healthcare system, employers in Germany are also severely affected. Figures from the DAK show that well over 50% of work disability days are due to chronic diseases.

HealthCaters wants to change this and focuses on the fact that 90% of the most common chronic diseases can be prevented. By helping people identify their health risks through early diagnostics, healthy lifestyles can be reached and sustained in a user friendly and engaging manner. The resulting improvement in workforce health leads to fewer sick days and increased productivity, as well as to a decrease in long-term medical costs, which benefits all stakeholders - employees, employers, and insurers.

HealthCaters’ mission to democratise preventive care globally and help millions of people achieve the healthy life that they deserve is accomplished by making this multidimensional product available to the workforce

A stationary health station at the employer's premises that enables employees to perform various health tests

  • a dispatchable "home kit" that enables testing in the comfort of one's own home
  • a mobile app with integrated personal assistance that tracks personal health parameters, presents them clearly and uses the data to develop individual challenges for a healthier lifestyle,
  • a dashboard for employers that aggregates and anonymizes workforce health data.
"The founders Tatyana Eliseeva and Lilia Kruse are focused, highly motivated and very entrepreneurial. Combined with their impressive experience and high business and medical expertise, they make it easy for us to invest."
"We are delighted that DvH Ventures is supporting us on our journey to drive much-needed change in healthcare. They have believed in us from day one and have willingly guided us as we have grown from two people with an idea, to a startup with customers. We firmly believe that their professional approach, expertise and experience will help us move HealthCaters forward in the months and years to come."
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