LiveEO raises seven-digit investment for satellite-based infrastructure monitoring from Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures

Sven Przywarra & Daniel Seidel, Founders of LiveEO

Cologne, 13 June 2019. The Cologne-based venture capital company Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures is investing a seven-figure amount in Berlin-based New Space startup LiveEO.

Preventing damage to large-scale infrastructures from the offset and safeguarding companies from financial losses - this is the business idea of the Berlin-based company LiveEO. At the end of 2017, Sven Przywarra and Daniel Seidel founded the New Space Startup in Berlin.

Peter Richarz, Managing Partner of Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures: "LiveEO operates in a future market that so far has hardly been occupied by startups. In intense discussions, Sven and Daniel not only convinced us of the resilience of their business model, but above all of their entrepreneurial personalities."

"With Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures, we have found a strong partner who offers us the freedom we need for the coming steps in the business. We will invest the funding in technological development and the distribution of the product and sales."

Based on satellite images, LiveEO offers its customers a solution for the monitoring of their infrastructure. These can be railway lines, pipelines, power lines, and other large-scale constructions. The artificial intelligence of LiveEO analyses the images, recognizes risks, and assesses them. As a result of this data, the technology can make recommendations on which areas along high-voltage power lines vegetation should be pruned to avoid short circuits or forest fires, and provides interfaces to use the data directly and efficiently in work processes. One of LiveEO's customers is Deutsche Bahn.

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