DvH Ventures backs Quonomedical to set a new standard in patient relationship management

Berlin, 22.11.2022. The digital health start-up Qunomedical (, Europe’s first platform enabling hospitals to digitally manage their patient relationships, has successfully secured €10 million in series A funding. During this funding round, the start-up was able to secure Bertelsmann Investments and Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures (DvH Ventures) as prominent investors. The start-up intends to use this funding to market its new B2B product ‘Qunosuite’, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for ‘patient relationship management’ (PRM) within the healthcare sector and advance its product development.

Qunomedical’s SaaS new business proves convincing

Defying the current sense of crisis, Qunomedical managed to convince Bertelsmann Investments - the global venture capital branch of the Bertelsmann media group - as well as the early-stage investor DvH Ventures to invest significantly in the series A round. Half of the €10 million comes from existing investors, including US-based MS&AD Ventures, and CalmStorm from Vienna.

Qunomedical was founded in 2016 by Dr. Sophie Chung in Berlin, launched eponymously as a digital B2C platform to give people from around the world the best possible access to advanced medical care. Over the years, the platform has evolved into one that specializes in providing patients with a full and seamless digital service along their entire patient journey.

The new PRM solution, Qunosuite, is aimed at healthcare providers such as doctors, hospitals or clinic chains, and it is based on the B2C software that has been tried and tested for years. With its new B2B business, Qunomedical is tapping into another important source of revenue. But more importantly, Qunosuite allows patients to experience transparency and straightforwardness throughout their treatment.

Dr. Sophie Chung, Founder and CEO of Qunomedical
"With Qunomedical, we’re pursuing our vision of improving healthcare and making it more patient-orientated. That’s why on the one hand we support patients in their search for a doctor, to ensure they are treated according to their exact needs and for the best price; but on the other, we also help the hospitals and clinics themselves improve the patient journey. Far too many patients encounter bad experiences before, during or after their treatment - an issue not helped by the lack of digital solutions. We see it as our mission to equip healthcare providers with the capacity to maximize human contact where it matters and use technology in areas that enhance the patient journey. Qunosuite does exactly that, and will set the gold standard for patient relationship management."

Qunosuite is a software for Patient Relationship Management (PRM) that healthcare providers can use for a monthly fee. Several hospitals in Germany and the rest of Europe already use the software at a total of over ten locations and manage more than 120,000 patients with it. It helps hospitals to optimise the patient journey, make their processes more efficient and ultimately treat significantly more patients better.

"Qunomedical’s new B2B software Qunosuite addresses an important problem in the healthcare market: the lack of end-to-end digitalisation of the patient journey, which not only costs healthcare providers a lot of money, but also gives patients an uneasy feeling about their treatment. We are therefore very pleased to be working with Qunomedical to set a new standard in patient relationship management."

The digital healthcare market is set to grow to US$1.5 trillion by 2030

The market forecast for the digital healthcare sector confirms investors' confidence in Qunomedical; the size of the digital health market was over US$195 billion in 2021 and will show an annual growth rate of more than 16% from 2022 to 2030. The increasing popularity of services for patients will particularly drive market expansion, so that a size of up to 1.5 trillion US dollars is expected in 2030.

That is why the Berlin-based start-up has set itself ambitious goals for the future and would like to expand its software offer internationally. ‘Our aim is to become the world’s leading software provider for patient relationship management. The fact alone that there is currently no real software to fulfil this function demonstrates how important our plans are and how full of potential we are.’ States Dr. Sophie Chung.

About Qunomedical:

The digital healthcare company Qunomedical is a software as a service provider for patient relationship management. It strives toward creating better and more humane healthcare. Its eponymous B2C platform helps patients find doctors in over 25 countries. With Qunosuite, its B2B solution, healthcare providers are imbued with the capacity to maximise human contact where it matters and use technology in areas that enhance the patient journey. Qunosuite already serves more than 120,000 patients. Qunomedical was founded in 2016 by Dr. Sophie Chung and is based in Berlin, currently employing around 70 people.

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